Our Mission

Our mission is to develop ethical, efficient, groundbreaking products and services for use within precision medicine.

Our Mission

Our mission is to develop ethical, efficient, groundbreaking products and services for use within precision medicine.


We are committed to maintaining a distinct sense of professionalism across all areas of our operations, providing excellence through intelligent planning and uncompromising focus.


From the initial ideation through to completion and beyond, we provide full support for every project we work on.


We have built an open, supportive, and positive working environment where our team can perform to the highest standard and achieve their very best.


We are committed to providing equal opportunities and prospects for growth and development within the company. We also have a strict, equal pay policy. This is something we are incredibly proud of, and an area of our business operations we refuse to compromise on.


All of our platforms are fully complaint with the relevant regulations and legislation. We work closely alongside industry regulators to ensure that we constantly adhere to best practice.


We thrive on innovation. We’re constantly striving to address problems in drug discovery in order to develop novel, effective solutions that will not only reduce R&D costs, but also ensure the highest level of patient safety.

Social Responsibility

We take social responsibility extremely seriously and we go above and beyond to ensure that we work fairly, transparently, and with integrity across all areas of our operations.

STEM Education – Inspiring Young People

Knowledge, skill, and experience within STEM is incredibly powerful. In fact, it’s proven that STEM education offers a path to upward mobility. However, for a number of reasons, so many young people don’t choose, or have the option to, pursue this exciting and valuable pathway. This is particularly true of women and those from disadvantaged backgrounds.


We’re proud to support Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics initiatives that benefit, support, and inspire the younger generation around the world. Get in touch for more information!

Women in Science

Did you know that women make up half of the workforce within the science sector? All too often, women’s contributions in science and technology are ignored, overlooked, or devalued. There can be little doubt that, today, there is still a gap in female leadership within our industry, a gap that is reflected by the gender pay gap.


Here at Stemnovate, we’re proud to be a female-led company and we’re committed to supporting and actively promoting women in science, as well as the valuable contributions they make.


3R: Reduction, Replacement, and Refinement of Animal Research

We can categorically state that we do not utilise animal testing as part of our work. This is an area of our ethos that we refuse to compromise on.