Management and The Board

Highly skilled, experienced, and motivated, our team’s unique expertise, ethos, and values form the very foundations of Stemnovate.


Dr. Ruchi Sharma

Founder & CEO


Our Founder and CEO, Dr Ruchi Sharma is driven by her passion for taking the benefits of research, and applying them to products and technology in order to make a significant and positive difference in the real world.


Alongside over ten years experience in stem cell research, physiology, and biotechnology, Dr Sharma obtained a PhD from the world-renowned Roslin Institute at the University of Edinburgh, followed by a post-doctorate in the exciting field of cellular reprogramming at the University of Cambridge.


With a firm focus on collaboration, Dr Sharma firmly believes that together, we can create a better world.


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Dr. Adrian Fisher

Director & Co-Founder


Co-founder and director, Dr Adrian Fisher has over 20 years experience in the design, development, and application of integrated Microsystems, covering areas ranging from energy storage through to biological analysis.


Dr Fisher heads the electrochemical and micro engineering group in Cambridge in the Centre for Research in Electrochemical Science and Technology, and also within the Campus for Research Excellence and Technological Enterprise in Singapore.

Dr. David Hay

Director & Co-Founder


A Professor of Tissue Engineering at the University of Edinburgh, co-Founder and Director Dr David Hay has earned a long-standing reputation for his work in stem cell biology and hepatocyte differentiation.


Dr Hay believes that a trans-disciplinary approach is needed to solve the failings that currently exist in the cell microenvironment. Dr Hay is actively involved in the translation of stem cell derived hepatocytes into scalable manufacturing processes, by defining culture conditions and developing physiologically relevant models.


Mr. Sunil Shah



Sunil joined Stemnovate’s board recently and brings the wealth of experience as a serial entrepreneur. He cofounded O2h Ventures which involves seeding drug discovery, academic in-licensing, and biotechnology incubation. Sunil holds MBA degree from the Cambridge University.