The stem cell derived liver cells, cardiomyocytes, neurons, pancreatic cells have potential to replace cell lines and animal testing for in vitro drug metabolism, safety screening, mechanisms of toxicity and cellular therapies. But all this can only be made possible through upscaling of production, establishing safety and quality assurances and automation. Stemnovate has an agile process and multidisciplinary expert team that consists of stem cell scientists and engineers that can help the application development at all stages from ideation, integration to manufacturing.

Drug Discovery Platform

Stemnovate Drug Discovery Platform consists of novel multi-organ modelling to evaluate drug molecule metabolism and toxicity, ensuring better clinical trials and patient safety outcomes.

Stemnovate Drug Discovery Platform is addressing the issue highlighted by FDA through our gender diverse platform.

Disease Modelling

Stemnovate wins NC3R Grant to develop liver model for yellow fever vaccine development.

Stemnovate, the Liver-on-chip pioneers, has been awarded nearly £100,000 in a challenge designed to create an alternative to animal testing for the development of yellow fever vaccines.