Slippery Liquid-Infused Porous Surfaces: Partnering for Micro-fluidics Smart engineering

Prof Ciro Semprebon will be working in partnership with Stemnovate on the prestigious EPSRC grant project for advancing SLIPS technology.

When a liquid comes into contact with a solid surface, its interface can be pinned by surface texture, giving rise to the ubiquitous phenomenon of the contact angle hysteresis. The presence of Contact Angle Hysteresis is a challenge for liquid manipulation and affects many practical applications ranging from self-cleaning coatings to microfluidics and oil recovery.
This project aims at exploring the impact of non-Newtonian liquid rheology on the Physics of SLIPS. With the aid of computational fluid dynamics simulations, this project will elucidate the dynamics of complex liquids and develop new key principles combining the geometry of solid textures and complex liquid properties in the design of new smart materials.


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