The emerging technologies are challenging the traditional way of drug discovery. The commercial environment is getting harsher. Healthcare payers are imposing new cost constraints on providers and are scrutinising the value of medicines more carefully. The CROs are expected to improve the biological data collection while making processes reproducible. Stem cell models, tissue engineering and computational modelling are cutting edge technologies but need higher skill, resources and training.
Stemnovate offers high-value service contracts with the Contract research organisations to create innovative custom solutions for in vitro tox and safety studies and microphysiological studies. We provide complete solution for novel cell based assays, tissue engineering and cellular differentiation studies to help the CROs overcome the barriers of technology adaptation ensuring competitive edge.
Efficient production processes, compliant biobank and upscale manufacturing
The CROs benefit working with Stemnovate through efficient cell based assays, thoroughly characterised cell lines, better controls and study models. The emerging technologies demands higher skills, references and process optimisation. Our industrial focus and custom support help faster adaptation while solutions are tailored to meet production and scale up.

Our clients say

You are doing some amazing and important work at Stemnovate, we are happy to be associated with your project.

Volunteer for blood donation for liver research

Thank you for your presentations, they were really great and stimulating. I am very happy we met and that we could get the cells in culture!

Academic Institution
University of Bern


Slippery Liquid-Infused Porous Surfaces: Partnering for Micro-fluidics Smart engineering

Prof Ciro Semprebon will be working in partnership with Stemnovate on the prestigious EPSRC grant project for advancing SLIPS technology.

Partnering for European Space Agency Microgravity Application Promotion Programme

Stemnovate has partnered with multinational collaborators on a project coordinated by MEDES Institute of space medicine and physiology.