Stemnovate is soon introducing the microfluidic platform for DNA synthesis. The disruptive technology allows template free DNA/RNA synthesis that can potentially accelerate the development of new therapeutics in the pharmaceutical sector e.g. antibody research, drug bio-production and RNAi based therapeutics. The technology overcomes the current limitations of DNA synthetic technology.


Platform Features


Precision DNA synthesis and high yield with purity harnessing novel enzymatic methodology.


The faster synthesis method surpasses conventional technology for achieving longer
product size.


The technology is environmentally friendly with no impact from any harmful reagents.



The DNA synthesis has potential to revolutionise the field of drug discovery, biotechnology
and nanotechnology.

Drug discovery

The applications are varied such as RNA therapy, antibody research, Vaccine development.


The drug bio-production, biofuel research, crop production and research for food security.


DNA synthesis is being explored for novel DNA data storage and nano-material discoveries.



Induced Pluripotent stem cell lines

Human & Multispecies Primary cells

Cell culture & analysis package


Cell Reprogramming

Cell Differentiation

Application Development


Pharmacogenomic Data 

Single Nucleotide Polymorphism


Pharmacokinetic/Pharmacodynamic Data


Microphysiological systems

Microfluidic design, prototyping and manufacturing

Biosensing and Automation

Our clients say

You are doing some amazing and important work at Stemnovate, we are happy to be associated with your project.

Volunteer for blood donation for liver research

Thank you for your presentations, they were really great and stimulating. I am very happy we met and that we could get the cells in culture!

Academic Institution
University of Bern

CASE STUDIES & Partnership

Partnering for European Space Agency Microgravity Application Promotion Programme

Stemnovate has partnered with multinational collaborators on a project coordinated by MEDES Institute of space medicine and physiology. 

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