COVID-19 RT- PCR test kit

£250.00/ 25 tests

Catalogue Number: STEM 17001
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Stemnovate offers affordable COVID-19 RT-PCR test kit for professional use. There is no chance of false positive and false negative as it has been validated with COVID-19 genome.

Product Kit Contains

  • Ready to use
    • Reaction Mix – Nucleocapsid
    • Reaction Mix – RDRP
    • Internal Control – B Actin
  • PCR Grade Water

Product Insert

  • SARS Cov-2 RT-PCR-Gold version 1.0-2020

Product Features

  • RT-PCR validated with actual SARS CoV-2 genome complementing insilico validation
  • SARS CoV-2 specific probes for specificity (RDRP and Nucleocapsid)
  • Biosafety and Handling BSL-1; BSL-2