Dog Primary Fibroblast (SV-2025-V03)


Catalogue Number: SV-2025-V03
Lot Number:
millon/ vial

Fibroblasts derived from the eye


Fibroblasts have been isolated, plated and expanded in culture before being harvested for cryopreservation to ensure the highest purity, viability and plating efficiency.

Product specification

Line History Cocker Spaniel breed, 6-Years-Old, Male
Cell Type Canine Fibroblasts
Cryopreserved volume 1ml
Storage Liquid Nitrogen
Post Freeze Viability 80-90%
Growth Adherent

Microbiology/Viral Screening

HIV-1 Negative
HIV-2 Negative
Hepatitis A Negative
Hepatitis B Negative
Hepatitis C Negative
Mycoplasma Negative
Inoculation for microbiological growth Negative


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