Dog Primary Fibroblast (SV-2025-V02)


Catalogue Number: SV-2025-V02
Lot Number:
millon/ vial

Fibroblasts derived from the skin (eye lid). All tissues are derived under informed consent (owner).


Stemnovate’s dog primary fibroblasts are ethically sourced, certificate available on request. The tissues are obtained during routine surgeries. This supports our commitment to 3Rs – Replacement, refinement and reduction of animal testing.

These fibroblasts have been isolated, plated and expanded in culture before being harvested for cryopreservation to ensure the highest purity, viability and plating efficiency.

Product specification

Line HistoryJack Russel breed, 12-Years-Old, Male
Cell TypeCanine Fibroblasts
Cryopreserved volume1ml
StorageLiquid Nitrogen
Post Freeze Viability80-90%

Microbiology/Viral Screening

Hepatitis ANegative
Hepatitis BNegative
Hepatitis CNegative
Inoculation for microbiological growthNegative


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