Drug Discovery Platform


Stemnovate’s Drug Discovery Platform

Stemnovate Drug Discovery Platform consists of novel multi-organ modelling to evaluate drug molecule metabolism and toxicity, ensuring better clinical trials and patient safety outcomes.


Stemnovate Drug Discovery Platform is addressing the issue highlighted by FDA through our gender diverse platform. According to a 2001 article by Margaret Ann Miller from the Office of women’s health (OWH), Food and Drug Administration (FDA), women experience more adverse reactions to treatment with therapeutic drugs than men because of differences in drug metabolism. However, it is 2021, and unfortunately, little has changed in this scenario. 

Stemnovate biobank addresses the lack of gender diversity with a robust collection of female primary cells and induced pluripotent stem cell lines proven for pluripotency and differentiated to liver, heart and brain cells.


Our drug discovery platform integrates pharmacogenetics with features such as

  • SNP genotyping to determine the allelic zygosity of drug metabolic isoforms of cytochrome P450. The assays have been designed to span around diverse ethnic backgrounds for data coverage depth and authenticity.
  • Whole transcriptome analysis (RNA-sequencing) that reveals unbiased exome expression and alignment metrics. 
  • Mapping cell signalling network for novel insights   

Stemnovate pharmacogenetics studies complement in vitro PKPD that are important for the following:

  • Identify the basis for differences in drug metabolism and individual variability in clinical response
  • Estimate the magnitude of potential drug-drug interactions
  • Investigate the molecular or mechanistic basis for lack of efficacy or occurrence of adverse reactions;
  • Design clinical trials to test for more significant effects in specific subgroups
  • Characterise the maximum tolerated doses.


Our drug discovery platform has varied applications for

  • Hit to lead discovery
  • Lead Optimisation
  • Preclinical predictive modelling

The cell-based assays are optimised to evaluate the effects of the new drug candidate at the cellular, molecular, and biochemical levels.

The intelligent integration of varied technologies such as stem cell differentiation, microengineering and data science allow new insights to understand drug metabolism and toxicity, ensuring success at the clinical phase and better patient safety. 

  • Mechanisms of action
  • Safety studies
  • Effects on gender, race, or ethnicity groups
  • Drug interactions


Stemnovate platforms follow compliance and regulations in the UK. We hold a Human Tissue Act License, and all cells are sourced under informed consent for commercial use. 


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