Male induced pluripotent stem cell line – Hepato

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Derived from human skin fibroblasts


Characterised for Pluripotency, spontaneous differentiation to three germ layers and directed differentiation to endoderm-hepatocytes.

Product specification

Line History Caucasian, 22-Year-Old Male
Cell Type Human Fibroblast derived
Cryopreserved volume 1ml
Storage Liquid Nitrogen
Post Freeze Viability 70-75%
Growth Adherent
Genotype Data available (request further information)
Reprogramming Method Non-Integrative Episomal
Reprogramming Conditions Feeder Free, Serum Free, derived using morphological selection

Microbiology/Viral Screening

HIV-1 Negative
HIV-2 Negative
Hepatitis A Negative
Hepatitis B Negative
Hepatitis C Negative
Mycoplasma Negative
Inoculation for microbiological growth Negative


Stable line characterised for expression of endogenous pluripotency markers, Oct4, Sox2, Nanog, Lin28, Tra1-60, SSEA4.

Transcriptome data available (Request information)



Trilineage Differentiation assessed through spontaneous differentiation to endoderm, ectoderm and mesoderm derivatives

Directed differentiation to Hepatocyte Like Cells-Liver (request more information)



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