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Stemnovate New Insights Platform-Animal Health


Research and development are time-consuming as well as expensive. Moreover, the unknowns in commercial reagents pose a challenge to reproduce quality data. Therefore a lot of effort goes into process optimisation before translation into practical applications.
We work in partnership, bring expertise and integrated solutions for complex biological and molecular challenges in R&D.

The new insights platform is based on our recent projects that have led to better solutions or previous research work that has been published or translated into industrial application. As a result, our approach not only helps progress fast but also saves on cost and time.


Stem cells offer unprecedented biomedical potential for humans and companion animals. For example, Sharma et al. (2014) published functional neuronal differentiation from equine species.  

However, the method used for reprogramming stem cells from animal species is still a limitation for cellular therapies, differentiation, and veterinary or animal welfare applications.

Our capabilities include creating first in class models for dogs, cats, cows, horses and pigs

The industrial applications include novel modelling of brain, liver, heart for multi species modelling replacing in vivo animal testing. 


In 1954 teratoma studies were described. Until now, the assay has remained the assay of choice to demonstrate pluripotency, or the ability of stem cells to form all different kinds of cells. However, since many mice are used for a heavily questioned result, it is time to reconsider the teratoma assay from an ethical point of view.

Stemnovate is introducing an alternative to the teratoma assay with features as following.

1) Directed differentiation of potential stem cells into cells representing three germ layers
2) Functionality assessment through micro electrode array or chip studies
3) Bioinformatics and analysis of pluripotency-associated biomarkers
4) Much cheaper and quicker than animal testing



Why it is important to replace animal testing?


Annual Statistics of Scientific Procedures on Living Animals, Great Britain, 2019, reports in 2019, 3.40 million procedures were carried out in Great Britain involving living animals.

Over half (57%) of experimental procedures were for the purpose of basic research, most commonly focusing on the the immune system, the nervous system, and cancer.

Animal studies have contributed to a better understanding of physiology and develop safer medicines. But there are species differences better understood by new technologies such as gene and protein expression, bioinformatics, sequencing. Thus the relevance of several tests used in academia and industry are no longer justified. 

Since the start of our company in 2016, we have not sacrificed any animals and built alternative technologies for human and animal studies. 


Stemnovate platforms follow compliance and regulations in the UK.  All cells are sourced under informed consent for commercial use. 


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