New Insights Platform – Sensory Neurons


Stemnovate’s New Insights Platform-Sensory Neurons


Attalia Sayhan (2019) reviewed the crisis of inadequate translation of preclinical science to human applications. Among suggestions to avoid being ‘lost in translation’ is integrating better novel research models, deep phenotyping for patients with a flexible and modular approach that engages academia and industry. 

Our new insights platform is for fast translation of research into industrial and clinical applications.

These are varied areas of research where we have completed research projects, published or developed an industrial application. These are exciting fields and have enormous potential for clinical applications and new therapeutics.



According to WHO, By 2050, nearly 2.5 billion people are projected to have some degree of hearing loss, and at least 700 million will require hearing rehabilitation.

The sensory systems responsible for hearing are located in the inner ear, which can be affected by ageing, genetic mutations, infectious diseases, noise exposure, and ototoxic drugs. Unfortunately, there are currently no approved medications specifically targeting sensory recovery. As a result, hearing aids or cochlear implants can manage but not cure severe hearing loss. 

The sensory neurons generated from induced pluripotent stem cells have enormous potential for gene therapies and screen for compounds to regenerate sensory cells and study ototoxic degeneration. 

The functionality assessment on micro electrode microarrays (chips) allows electrophysiological assessment of action potentials.

Our bioinformatics approach further allows deep insight into gene expression and cellular  pathways mapping.


Stemnovate platforms follow compliance and regulations in the UK. We hold a Human Tissue Act License, and all cells are sourced under informed consent for commercial use. 


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