Stemnovate™ presents SARS CoV-2 -RDK- Rapid Detection Kit  a novel in vitro diagnostic  method for COVID 19 on a chip


Stemnovate’s SARS CoV-2 -RDK- Rapid Detection Kit introduces revolutionary High Fidelity Isothermal Nucleic Acid Amplification technology on a chip with a potential to overcome the drawbacks identified in conventional PCR for field application and mass testing.  The ready to use kit offers an economical solution that is suitable for decentralised testing and deployment  for businesses, universities, care homes and the airports. The method utilises virus-specific probes attached on the biochip manufactured by Stemnovate. The reaction mixture is ready to use which, combined with the colorimetric readout is suitable for easy detection. The most significant advantage is the smart propriety design of probes that allows cleavage for the downstream evaluation for viral strain sequencing and identification. Seven coronavirus strains infect the human population with previous SARS and MERS episodes and convenient profiling remains an unmet need in spite of being crucial to identify the infectious viral form for containment.

Product features that are game changing in the fight against COVID 19

  • High Fidelity Nucleic Acid Amplification on a chip for accuracy
  • SARS CoV-2 specific multi probe assay for specificity 
  • Isothermal amplification in an hours time for rapid testing
  • Colorimetric read out for easy detection
  • Biochip offers unique on-chip library preparation, a valuable feature for downstream viral profiling

COVID 19 is a challenge for humanity 

COVID 19 was declared a pandemic by World Health Organisation in March 2020 and since then global deaths count has passed over half a million, and the recurrent waves of infection are a matter of concern for life and economic recovery for all countries. The containment strategy requires implementation of mass testing and effective diagnostic strategy.

Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome Coronavirus strain 2 (SARS CoV-2) belongs to a family of RNA viruses that spreads to humans through contact, small droplets, coughing, sneezing or talking. Several drug molecules are under evaluation for SARS CoV-2 and vaccinations are being fast tracked.

The polymerase chain reaction is among the most reliable methods to detect the virus in saliva or nasal swabs for wide-scale testing. However, it is a multistep protocol and requires thermocycler for making millions of copies of the gene of interest, a limitation for upscaling and broad deployment of COVID testing. Another area of concern for COVID testing is 20 to 30% false-negative results reported in RT-PCR based methodologies.

Our rapid detection technology has an advantage for accuracy and specificity over RT-LAMP. In literature, the problems identified in RT-LAMP include the use of multiple primers (forward-backwards, inner and loop) that can result in unwanted primer to primer interaction and the endpoint colour change discrepancy due to reaction pH change insensitivity.

Stemnovate is following regulatory guidelines on CE compliance. We want to reach out to public and private bodies interested in COVID testing.

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Stemnovate RDK technology offers a solution in the highly specific conserved long probes all which have been chemically immobilised on the chip and ready for use. For more information click here