Stemnovate offers services to help the research and Development for fundamental research, proof of concept, feasibility and industrial translation studies. It allows researchers and companies stay on top of its competition and improve exciting offerings. Our compliant processes, expert multidisciplinary team, supply chain, scientific network and partnerships allow project progress with efficiency so that you achieve success saving on valuable time and costs.

Cellular reprogramming unleashes endless possibilities within drug development and research. induced pluripotent stem cells (iPSCs) have the potential to form multiple cell types including liver, neuronal and cardiac muscle cells. Generating induced pluripotent stem cells can often be a costly and time-consuming process. Stemnovate offers custom reprogramming services, saving you the time which can be better spent performing valuable research.

How does it work?

Simply send us your primary cells (fibroblasts, keratinocytes or Peripheral Blood Mononuclear Cells) and we will reprogram the cells using either episomal or viral methodologies. Following reprogramming, the iPSCs will be characterised and sent back to you. The whole process takes 2-3 months from receipt of the primary cells. A member of our dedicated reprogramming division will be on hand to help transition the cells to your experiment conditions.

Complex research problems can require specific solutions, with that in mind, the reprogramming service offered at Stemnovate is designed to be tailored to your needs.

 Stemnovate Reprogramming Service:

  • Recovery, expansion and characterisation of donor cells
  • Human Pathogen Testing
  • Cellular Reprogramming systems
    • Non integrating vectors systems
    • Integrating vector systems
  • Multiparametric characterisation of pluripotency via immunocytochemistry, Confocal microscopy, FACS analysis and Gene Expression Analysis semi-quantitative and quantitative PCR, whole transcriptome analysis
  • Assessment of Reprogramming vector clearance


Three germ layer differentiation

The germ layers are formed at the earliest stages of embryonic development, consisting of the endoderm (inner layer), the ectoderm (outer layer), and the mesoderm (middle layer). The capability to form cells of all three germ layers is unique to embryonic stem cells and induced pluripotent cells attain such characteristics during the process of reprogramming.

We show differentiation both through spontaneous and directed methodologies for stable IPS lines.

NO MORE TERATOMA STUDIES – let us take steps together to replace animal research 

Additional Services:

  • Karyotyping
  • Multiple iPSC lines from single cell donor
  • Sourcing of donor cells (Fibroblasts, Keratinocytes, PBMCS)
  • iPSC cell differentiation (Link to Differentiation Page)

We provide multispecies reprogramming service

  • Human
  • Mouse 
  • Dogs
  • Pigs
  • Horses

Customise your project

The stem cells differentiated into multiple cell types have several applications such as in vitro modelling of disease and development, cellular therapies, in vitro toxicology studies. The processes are multistep and involve a combination of growth factors, small molecules, matrices and complex media formulations. The characterisation and application development further requires advanced imaging, gene and protein expression studies. Stemnovate has established protocols that have higher efficiency of differentiation and defined systems for reproducibility. This saves effort reinventing the wheel and ensures efficiency for the application development.

Customise your project

The stem cell derived liver cells, cardiomyocytes, neurons, pancreatic cells have potential to replace cell lines and animal testing for in vitro drug metabolism, safety screening, mechanisms of toxicity and cellular therapies. But all this can only be made possible through upscaling of production, establishing safety and quality assurances and automation. Stemnovate has an agile process and multidisciplinary expert team that consists of stem cell scientists and engineers that can help the application development at all stages from ideation, integration to manufacturing.

Customise your project