The new product development is often challenging and so is to meet the customer requirement for quality and supporting data. The life science techniques often require expensive instrument, resources and an expert team. The IP protection, production and manufacturing are additional requirements while growing a business. Stemnovate can support other SMEs in the life science and biotech sector through a compliant process to take the initial ideation to proof of concept or feasibility for ensuring success and growth.

The academic life is hectic with teaching assignments, grant writing, project reviews and training. The innovative research ideas need thorough investigation, project planning, risk assessments and long term collaborations and intellectual property agreements which again can be tricky across multidisciplinary fields. Stemnovate has an expert interdisciplinary team and a robust supply chain to facilitate all stages of projects from ideation to industrial research. Our partnership has helped proof of concept studies, data for the patent, new product development, human growth factor efficacy, unique cell lines for human and animal studies. The partnerships have resulted in significant successes in prestigious grant awards and PhD studentships.
PhD and Postdocs are great learning opportunities but the initial period is often stressful as expectations are high for good data while training and understanding the field takes time. Several researchers spend valuable time optimising the techniques, finding the right controls, reagents, factors, antibodies etc. The reproducibility of studies is affected by lack of standards , batch to batch variations and limited product information ( . Stemnovate provides full support to achieve better results through well established protocols, trainings, reference standards and multiparametric studies across the field of biological studies, tissue engineering, stem cell research, microfluidics and electronics. Stemnovate team members have PhD and postdoc experience so well equipped to help with challenges that may impact research output.



Our clients say

You are doing some amazing and important work at Stemnovate, we are happy to be associated with your project.

Volunteer for blood donation for liver research

Thank you for your presentations, they were really great and stimulating. I am very happy we met and that we could get the cells in culture!

Academic Institution
University of Bern


Slippery Liquid-Infused Porous Surfaces: Partnering for Micro-fluidics Smart engineering

Prof Ciro Semprebon will be working in partnership with Stemnovate on the prestigious EPSRC grant project for advancing SLIPS technology.

Partnering for European Space Agency Microgravity Application Promotion Programme

Stemnovate has partnered with multinational collaborators on a project coordinated by MEDES Institute of space medicine and physiology.