The vaccines save lives by preventing diseases in both human and animals, e.g., polio, smallpox, measles, tetanus and rabies. Live attenuated vaccines are generated by disabling the virulent properties of viruses so that a broad immune response can be generated e.g., Yellow fever, measles, mumps and rubella etc. The potential of any vaccine strategy can only be proven by establishing safety, potency and consistent manufacturing processes. The present state of art relies primarily on animal testing to study neurovirulence, immunogenicity and viscerotropism as per current regulatory guidelines (WHO Annex 5, 2013). Stemnovate was awarded NC3Rs grant for implementation of 3Rs (Replacement,Reduction and Refinement). The grant challenge was sponsored by Sanofi for developing a model system for Yellow fever vaccination studies.
Platform Features

World’s first commercial biobank for human iPS cells with complete genotype information.

Multicellular modelling with novel tissue engineering.

Viral infectivity modelling.

Neuro-invasive, viscerotropic and immunogenicity studies.

Complete gene expression profiling with transcriptomics. 

Platform Compliance

Regulatory compliance for biobanking.

Complete consent for commercial use.

Biosafety Level 2 laboratory for virus handling.

Schedule 5 notification.

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You are doing some amazing and important work at Stemnovate, we are happy to be associated with your project.

Volunteer for blood donation for liver research

Thank you for your presentations, they were really great and stimulating. I am very happy we met and that we could get the cells in culture!

Academic Institution
University of Bern

CASE STUDIES & Partnership

Partnering for Better Veterinary Research

Stemnovate is partnering up with the world renowned Roslin Institute on a project to create in vitro modelling systems for muscular studies that can help make new discoveries for better animal health and production.

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