Stemnovate delivers innovative drug-screening and safety-testing platforms. Our user-friendly, flexible platforms overcome the limitations of mammalian cell-lines and in-vivo models commonly used in drug-discovery.

Our platforms are underpinned by expertise in:

  • Tissue procurement
  • Cell biology:
    • Cell-based systems to model complex human diseases
    • Non-animal based technologies to study mammalian biology
  • Microfluidics
  • Stem cell research
  • High through put imaging
  • Quality assurance

How Stemnovoate reduces drug discovery costs

Drug attrition in the pharmaceutical industry is unacceptably high. Drug attrition is estimated to be 40% in preclinical studies and 31% during clinical trials.

What’s needed is new systems to identify human drug toxicity, particularly pre-clinical approaches.  A ‘fast failing’ strategy reduces average R&D costs by $30M per drug, and increase the launch rate.

Stemnovate develops stem-cell based somatic cell models ‘on a chip’ to address current drug attrition rates.

Initially, we are developing liver based models. The major metabolic cell type found within the liver, the hepatocyte, plays a central role in human drug metabolism. It is a key to safe drug development.

Personalising cell based model development, without assuming ‘one size fits all’, results in safer and cheaper drug development. Our technology reduces the costs of many R&D stages, including;

  • Profiling,
  • Hit-to-lead,
  • Lead optimisation,
  • Preclinical clinical R&D.

Besides drug safety, we study more general aspects of human biology ‘in a dish’. With unique access to well phenotyped tissue, we also manufacture custom range assays  to order.