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Stemnovate aims to fast translate research to clinical applications. Our iPSCs represent valuable tools for drug discovery, disease modeling, and investigation into the underlying biology of cells. Differentiated PSCs can be used to assess cardiac and hepatic toxicity, two major causes of pharmaceutical-associated morbidity and mortality leading to loss of productivity in the drug development pipeline.

Drug Discovery Platform

Drug-induced liver injury is the leading cause of acute liver failure and is an important safety issue when new drugs undergo clinical trials. Liver cells do not proliferate outside the body and are a limited resource.
We provide liver modelling for drug discovery, and with that, we are creating heart and brain cells in the laboratory. These novel models have the potential to predict human drug response and ensure patient safety... Discover More

Disease Modelling

Non-communicable diseases such as liver and cardiovascular diseases, neuronal degeneration, and cancer kill 41 million people each year; this reflects 71% of all deaths worldwide. We provide innovative solutions for discovering new medicines and therapies for non-communicable diseases.... Read More


At Stemnovate, we integrate advanced bioinformatics with our cellular platform to identify biomarkers that help diagnose liver and heart diseases early. During COVID, we also developed new technology and assays for rapid diagnostic .... View More

DNA Synthesis

Stemnovate´s novel enzymatic DNA synthesis technology improves productivity and costs to enable numerous novel and exciting applications. This game-changing technology has the potential for DNA data storage and new therapeutics developing in the pharmaceutical sector, e.g. antibody research, drug bio-production and RNAi based therapeutics..... Read More