Stemnovate provides cellular reprogramming and differentiation methods that can be adapted for diverse applications such as in vitro toxicology, disease modelling, cellular assays, drug discovery (PKPD, mechanistic studies) and vaccination development.


We can generate induced pluripotent stem cells from a small pinch of adult skin. This unique technology has the potential for testing drugs and developing treatments for currently incurable diseases affecting the liver, heart and brain, and even diabetes... Read More


It is challenging to obtain liver, heart, or brain cells for testing drugs or for research. Hence, the animal testing requirement remains.
Instead, we use skin cells through cellular reprogramming to form liver, heart and brain cells. Interestingly, the differentiation process in our laboratory reveals some of the development ... Read More


The advancements in sequencing helped progress our understanding of the genetic basis of our physiological variability. However, the challenges remain in translating this vast biological information for clinical applications. We use bioinformatics and molecular technology for disease modelling for early diagnosis and to help develop better treatments... Read More


Drug discovery is a lengthy and expensive process. In addition, several potential medicines fail in clinical trials as human drug response varies. We provide genotyping services to understand the role of cytochrome P450s and predict human drug response from the early stages of drug development... Read More