Since 2016, Stemnovate has actively created cellular models for humans and animals. Our proprietary techniques are used to create different types of liver, neuronal and heart cells.

Cellular Differentiation

All cells are derived from stem cells and obtain their functions as they mature. Cell differentiation is how progenitor cells change their functional or phenotypical type.

Interestingly, the differentiation process alters the cell's shape, size, and energy requirements.

We use mechanical and chemical stimuli to direct IPSC to the liver, heart, neurons, bone and muscle cells, to name a few.

More Information

Our differentiation processes are guided by several years of research, in-depth understanding of principles of development, advanced gene and protein expression studies along with novel methods of microengineering and computational data analysis.

Stemnovate has established protocols that have higher efficiency of differentiation as well as reproducibility. This saves effort reinventing the wheel and ensures efficiency for the application development.

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